Gymnastics School Insurance & Workers Compensation

Worker’s Comp

Worker’s Compensation ensures that every employee has adequate protection should a work-related injury occur. There are a variety of benefits included in Workers Compensation, as specified by state law. They include:

  • Disability benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Death benefits

Employer’s Liability

Coverage for those ‘what if’ moments

Slipping on the stairs, a bad dish at a gym-sponsored dinner: you never know what can happen to cause a job-related injury or illness. Gyms aren’t immune to lawsuits resulting from work-related injuries…and they can be extremely expensive.

Employer’s Liability Insurance protects your gymnastics facility should you be sued for an injury that occurs on the job or as a result of doing gym-related work. Don’t wait until you need it to discover you don’t have it: secure adequate Employer’s Liability Insurance from Kulin-Sohn Insurance.

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