Cheerleading Insurance

Cheerleading is no longer merely sideline jumping or waving pompoms at a nationwide telecasted and popular performance sport. It has grown into a whole industry which is particularly dedicated to training cheerleading squads. It involves extremely complex twists, flips, or jumps that has exposed these cheerleading facilities to severe risks, and has given rise to the increasing importance of cheerleading insurance. We, at Gymnastics Insurance or the Kulin-Sohn Insurance Agency, can provide you with an effective coverage with a competitive edge and at affordable rates. It is our teamwork, reliability, and talent that has made us one of the best insurance program providers in and around California, Florida, Illinois, New York, or Texas.

Are you still a little worried whether you should opt for our cheerleading insurance program? Here are a few points that may convince you better.

  1. Unparalleled Experience & Risk Awareness:We have over a decade of experience in insuring such cheerleading programs. We are aware of the risks usually subjected to the cheer gyms providing exceptional service to the cheerleading squads. We consider a number of factors while analyzing the sort of liabilities you can be exposed to such as premise related injuries, further exposures due to after-school programs, extra-services, or private lessons. If your gym functions as a business and the trainers are believed to be experts, then the standard of care is naturally increased, further increasing your exposure to the physical injury liability. One can also be exposed to professional liability if any student or participant fails to get a scholarship or other expected benefits owing to any claim of incorrect coaching.
  2. Customized Coverage Plan:We will prepare a tailor-made coverage plan for you so that this customized program does not make you over or under-insured. We have nurtured strong relationships after having worked closely with the top insurance companies of our nation which has enabled us to provide you with the one of the best coverage for the cost. We provide ample protection to the athletes and facilities with respect to-
  • Professional Liability
  • Participants Legal Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Property Damage& Physical Injury
  • Medical Payments for Participants, and a lot more.

So, without any further delay, quickly resort to us for availing our cheerleading insurance program. Call us at 800-640-6601 now.